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What We Do For Our Customers

All our packages include the same services, but the difference lies in the level of dirt and dust. Our skilled professionals take extra care to scrub difficult surfaces and may remove items from high shelves to ensure a thorough and spotless clean according to your needs.
This level of attention to detail is why each package is priced differently, based on the extent of cleaning required

Standard Cleaning

Our basic package! Ideal for homes that have already used our services or another professional cleaning in the last few months

Deep Cleaning

For the first time professional cleaning Great for homes that need an extensive cleaning from a professional clean from bottom to the top

Move in / Move out Cleaning

For a fresh sparkling new beginning. This package is great for homes that are empty, free of boxes, and furniture. Enjoy a pristine start to your space!

Customer Service is Our First Preority.

DSR Premium Cleaning Service All aspects of Home Cleaning Commecial Cleaning Office Cleaning Move In/Out Cleaning All aspects of Cleaning etc.

No matter what your cleaning requirements are, DRS Premium Cleaning contractors are dedicated to providing you with a courteous, dependable, and highly professional service. Feel free to utilize our contact page for guidance.